Terms and conditions

1.1  Pipelines Online located on the World Wide Web at http://www.infield.com is supplied by Infield Systems Limited, 15 London Fruit & Wool Exchange, Brushfield St, London E1 6HB. United Kingdom.

1.2  Pipeline Online supplies information on Pipelines in the North West European Continental Shelf (NWECS) region including West of Shetland;

Pipeline Name, Pipeline ID, Location, Date Discovered, Date On Stream, Depletion Date, Pipeline Life, Project Status, Water Depth, Reserves (000's TOE), Oil Reserves (MB), Oil Estimate, Gas Reserves (BCF), Gas Estimate, Condensate Reserves (MB), Condensate Estimate, Prod Rate Oil (BPD), Prod Rate Gas (MMCFD), Prod Rate Cond (BPD), Development Type, HP/HT, Temperature (Centigrade), Pressure (BAR), Operational Subsea Wells, Under Development Subsea Wells, Planned/Possible Subsea Wells, Operational Platforms (Well Nos), Under Construction Platforms (Well Nos), Planned/Possible Platforms (Well Nos), Operator: Name, Address, Operator: Country, Telephone, Fax, E-Mail, URL, Country, Last Updated and First Entered

1.3 Pipelines Online will be updated weekly with relevant information from the main Infield Database on worldwide offshore field developments

1.4 The advertised subscription fee is for a single user only and covers the period of one calendar year from the time the order is confirmed to the purchaser via electronic mail with their individual user name and password.

1.5 Information supplied from Pipelines Online is for the exclusive use of the purchaser named on the completed order form.

1.6 Multiple and corporate user rates are available upon request.

2.1 In purchasing Infield Data the purchaser undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information and not divulge any details or derived analysis to a third party without the express written permission of Infield Systems Limited.

2.2 If permission is granted by Infield Systems for the information or derived analysis to be passed to a third party, the purchaser undertakes to provide the following reference, "data source; Infield Systems Limited, London. http://www.infield.com"

3.1 Although great care is taken whilst compiling and updating the data for Pipelines Online, no guarantee can be provided as to the accuracy or completeness of the information supplied.

3.2 Infield Systems Limited cannot accept any responsibility for the compatibility of Pipelines Online with the purchaser’s own computers.

3.3 The purchaser uses Pipelines Online at their own risk.

4.1 The purchaser is not obligated to continue with the service after the first year and Infield Systems will inform the purchaser when their subscription expires.

4.2 The purchaser has the right to cancel the service up and until their user name and password is confirmed when the service has deemed to have started. Due to the nature of the product the purchaser cannot cancel their subscription after this point.

4.3 Infield Systems Limited reserves the right to vary prices at its own discretion, without further notice for new and repeat purchasers.

4.4 Infield Systems Limited reserves the right to change and alter the Pipelines Online service as they wish. Any such changes will be notified to all current users via electronic mail.

4.5 Infield Systems Limited reserves the right to cancel the Pipelines Online service at any time. In this event Infield Systems Limited will refund the proportion of the remaining subscription paid in blocks of one day.

5.1 The advertised subscription fee for Pipelines Online provides one year’s access to the service.

5.2 Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged where appropriate at the prevailing rate at the time of order.

5.3 Purchasers paying by invoice must make provision for any bank charges, currency conversions and commissions where appropriate.

5.4 Import duties, taxes, or any other charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

6.1 The terms for payment by invoice are strictly 15 days from the date the invoice is issued.

6.2 For payments received after 15 days Infield Systems reserves the right to add an additional 15% surcharge to the invoice without further written notice.

6.3 Infield Systems Limited reserves the right to refuse credit and will in this case expect payment before any user names and passwords are issued.

7. Acceptance of the offer is deemed to be acceptance of the above conditions.

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